You’ve heard countless stories about how someone ate last week or drank that wine last night, and now they’re going to pay for it in the form of huge hips. Or maybe you’re that friend who always pours her libations and now she’ll pay for it with sagging jeans. Or maybe you’re the that close friend that shares a drink with and suddenly you’re checking your figure at the door? Whatever the case may be, we’re all aware that excess body fat can impact your self-image, health, and well-being in so many ways.

To help you figure out if it’s worth it to start working out, we’ve put together some key factors to help you calculate your hourglass figure and know if it’s time to start fitness training.

What is your body fat percentage?

If you don’t know your body fat percentage, it’s time to get on top of it. You see, your body fat is a product of your diet and activity. To get an accurate figure, you need to know the total grams of fat in your body (including everything you eat and drink), as well as the composition of that fat.

If you’re not sure where to start, there are a few places you can start. The easiest and most accurate way is to get your BMI level. A BMI level is calculated by subtracting your weight in kilograms from your height in meters and dividing the difference by 100. A healthy average is 25-29 for a woman and 35-39 for a man. If you’re in doubt, consult your doctor.

How much does your weight matter?

As we mentioned above, your body’s ability to store fat is directly linked to your weight. So, it’s only fair to put this topic first because it determines your success, barring any medical reasons that might prevent it.

If you want to lose weight to be able to fit into that pair of jeans or that sports bra you always wear with pride, you’re going to have to put in the work. You can’t just “lose weight” because everyone loses weight and then they’re able to fit into their old clothes.

Losing weight isn’t a set process, it’s an ongoing one. To keep it real, you have to keep it steady, consistent, and realistic. If you want to lose 5 pounds a month, you have to put in the same amount of effort every single time you face that instinctive “I want to get back to my normal self” urge.

What’s the goal?

It’s easy to let your motivation drift when you don’t know where you’re going or what you want out of it. This can lead to excitement breaking down and frustration building. If you want to lose weight so that your clothes fit better or you can look better in those jeans you’ve had your eyes on for the last 6 months, whatever your reason, make sure you’re clear on what your end goal is.

If you don’t know, you’re embarking on a dangerous journey where you could easily get stuck and fail. It’s better to be safe than sorry, so make sure you have a goal that’s realistic, achievable, and detailed.

Should you lift weights?

If you’re reading this article, you’re probably thinking about starting a workout regimen. Or, at the very least, you’re considering getting in shape.

There are a few things to keep in mind here. If you’re not into lifting heavy things or you’ve always wanted to try but were too chicken to get up the stairs or get on the scale, we have some good news for you.

There are a plethora of low-impact, low-resistance exercises that will get you in shape. And, you don’t have to be a bodybuilder to do them. If you want to lose those extra pounds that you’ve been holding on to and get your body into the best possible shape, bodybuilder exercises are not for you.

Is working out for your health smart?

This one is a yes or no, so answer it truthfully. Are you benefiting from working out?

If yes, then congratulations, keep going and we’ll talk about it later. If not, it’s time to stop and assess where your particular journey is leading.

If you’re not feeling any better or any worse after 6 months, it’s time to walk away from the weight loss game and get back to living your normal life.

Should you cut down on the carbs you eat?

It’s easy to get side-tracked on the benefits of a low-carb diet and miss the mark by only looking at the negatives.

However, if you’re getting in shape for something (fitness, medical reasons, etc.), then it’s a good idea to try a low-carb diet for a while. After all, your body needs the energy to function properly and it does its best to get it from all the different sources it can.

However, if you’re only interested in losing weight and don’t have a medical condition that requires you to be on a diet, we recommend against cutting down on the carbs. If you’re not seeing the results you want, it’s probably because you aren’t dieting or working out enough or aren’t taking the supplements we recommend.

Is it a step up from a run for you?

If you’ve been running regularly for the past year and now you’re in the neighborhood and you stop for a run, you might be surprised how heavy you feel. You might expect to be lightheaded or lightheadedness to set in, but it doesn’t. Your entire body feels heavy like you’re trying to lift a 20-stone log. And running has always been your favorite sport.
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However, if you’re only interested in losing weight and don’t have a medical condition that requires you to be on a diet, we recommend against cutting down on the carbs. If you’re not seeing the results you
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Your favorite sport might not be for a while, if ever, but it’s never too late to start. You’ve got the rest of your life to get in shape and you have no excuses to start now.

Bottom line

We love training and we love our bodies. The more you love what you do, the more you’ll love what you have. And the more you have, the more you’ll love yourself.

This is the formula for a healthy body and a healthy self-image.


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