The way you spend could matter when it comes to paying taxes. Many people who are aware of taxes could take advantage of them and can even legally avoid them by taking certain measures. Therefore, it becomes essential for taxpayers not earning much income to know about taxes. Especially for a parent, as becoming a parent does bring responsibilities and more expenses.

Therefore, the parent should know how they can take tax benefits that can help them reduce their taxes. You may have to meet a few requirements to be eligible to claim these credits. The American rescue plan act allows parents to claim tax credits In the United States. The primary motive of these acts is to help as many families as possible.

How Much Get Back In Taxes For Having a Child?

You can receive a $2000 tax benefit on having a newborn baby. The $2000 could also be claimed even if the baby is born late in the year. Do people wonder how much get back in taxes for having a child? Should know that this credit reduces the tax bill you must pay dollar-for-dollar.

People can receive this tax credit with income lower than $400,000 on joint returns and $200,000 for single parents. So you can get a lot of deductions while tax payments if you earn a low income. However, one thing you should not forget is making a Tax id number or generally known as Social security number.

Get Child Tax Credit

Parents should know that they can get a tax deduction on the expenses of their dependent child. The child is under the age of 18 and should not be turning 18 at the end of the year to claim this credit.

You will have to meet a few more requirements to claim this credit. Such as, a child should live with you for more than half a year. You can claim child tax credit even if the child is adopted and is in your relationship, such as nieces, nephews, or grandchild.

You can get $2000 for a child under the age of 18 and can receive $3,600 if the child is under six years. Moreover, the credit could be received in advance in monthly payments. You may have to pay the credit back while filing your tax report at the end of the year. This happens when you have earned more than the tax deduction criteria. If you have any issues filing taxes, then you can visit to file your tax report.

Use Child Care Credit

You can also enjoy tax benefits from the child and dependent care credit. This is generally provided to people with children under the age of 13 by including the income factor. However, credit could only be claimed by those who earn below $438,000, and percentage may vary depending on your income.  

You can claim these credits by reporting the expanses you have made throughout the year.

The expenses for your child, such as daycare, day camp, transportation, etc., can be included while filing the tax report. You can receive a $3000 tax benefit from the child care credit. Furthermore, you can take the credit if you have other dependent family members in your house that cannot take care of themselves. You can claim the child care credit for a child above 13 years if he/she is incapable mentally or physically.   


Parents can make more savings for their children if they are taxpayers. For example, you can use the child tax credit and child care credit to get a tax deduction on their yearly taxes. You can even receive monthly payments that you can use from Child tax credits. So overall, the parents would benefit and will reduce their child’s expenses.


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