Millions of active players play in the league of legends. There are over millions of active users that play league of legends monthly, and this makes it one of the top games in the world. In addition, the game organizes e-sports tournaments in which players can compete and show their skills. Even though the game for the starting player could be complicated, many people like it. Furthermore, many players may get introduced to League of Legends through their friends.

However, for these new players, it could be complicated, so to decrease the confusion, you have to understand the fundamentals of the game. By knowing the basic functioning of the game, you will have an easy time understanding the other features in the game. Once you understand how league of Legends works, it will become easy and more fun to play for new players. 

What Is League Of Legends?

League of Legends is a free game you can install on your PC and start playing. You can play the game for free, but there are a few things in the games, like skins, that you may have to spend money on. It’s a multiplayer strategy game that you have to play with a team. You can play with your friends or random players to play the game.

While the match starts, you will be placed with a random player. There you have to choose a character generally known as the champion. The complete match will consist of ten players, with five players in each team. You will have to compete against the other team to win the match. Moreover, the match has timing may last between 20 to 50 minutes.  

Objective To Win The Game

The game’s objective is simple but hard to conquer, making the player experience fantastic. In the match, you will have to destroy the building, generally known as the enemy’s nexus. The enemy will have the same objective of destroying your nexus. Therefore, teams have to guard their nexus while trying to destroy the opponents. These buildings are situated at the map’s bottom left and top right.

There, on the map, two turrets will be guarding your nexus by dealing some amount of damage to the enemy. The enemy has to destroy these turrets to reach your nexus. The map has three lanes that have an outer turret at the end of each lane. The nexus spawn minions that destroy the enemy buildings or anything that come in their path.

Rankings In League Of Legends

The league of Legends has a ranking system that makes it much more enjoyable for the players to play the game. Other than winning the match, you can push your rank in the league of legends. However, you will have to win multiple rank matches for each higher rank, or you can use the services provided by 롤대 to rank faster in the game.

The league of legends has nine tiers of rank with four divisions. The lowest rank tier in the game is iron, and the highest is the challenger. Only people with excellent skills in the games reach the top ranks like a challenger.

Champions/ Characters

Champions are one crucial part of the game; there are several champions in the game that you can use to play. These all champions have different abilities, resources, health, and player movement. However, regardless of the character you choose to play with, you will be able to pick a summoner spell that you can take in every match. Different character abilities make the game more challenging to win.


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