Given the pace of the COVID-19 vaccination drive, employees are expected to return to the office soon. And this is not what we are claiming, but in a recent article for CNBC, Jessica Dickler believes the same.

There is no doubt in the fact that it is a major topic for discussion, considering the abrupt changes and the employees’ reaction to it. A considerable proportion of employees do not want to return to the office every day, and some do not want to work in a workplace at all.

Surprisingly, some employees are eager to return to the office and get back in the in-person work mode. This is because they have been feeling isolated and overwhelmed with the line blurring between work and home life.

On the other hand, companies have been observing the changes, adaption, and preferences of their employees.They have seen how their employees and team have succeeded during the past months.

This mixture of opinions would not make the return to the office easier, for employees and employers.

However, similar consequences were faced after the mighty work transition during the pandemic. But soon employees got hold of the situation but employers as well adjusted with the new working mood.

But it was mostly because employees and employers understood the need to adapt to the changes. Finding the best TV internet bundles for home, having the right work from home tools. Creating a separate space for office work and other similar factors helped in a successful transition.

And now similar planning is required.

The following are some of the ways that can help companies create a more welcoming environment for the office.

Flexibility of Scheduling

The majority of team members have managed the opportunity given to them by structuring their schedules. 

During work from home, many managers understood the convenience of employees deciding their working hours, by giving them this leverage managers ensured employees do not get overwhelmed working from home.

Employees, on the other hand, benefited from fewer restrictions and had a better experience working from home.

A quick example of this opportunity and benefits is a power nap. Employees that decide their own working hours while working from home are able to take a power nap.Research suggests that power naps are a great source for improving the stress levels, mood, and cognitive functioning of employees.

This flexibility of working from home has given employees the opportunity to balance their home life as well.Therefore, the company’s working towards the hybrid model and return to office plan should construct their schedules of work with more flexibility.

Giving space for exercise, power naps and fun activities can help employees appreciate the return.

More Efficient Teamwork

While working from the office, teams often had meetings.Almost every day, in some teams. Even if these were not for casual chats among team members, they got time to hang out with each other in the office and outside. But after the work-from-home transition, these meetings became fewer.

However, managers that focus on creating and scheduling meetings focus on research and work-focused talk to accomplish financial goals.In-person meetings were all-encompassing.

Instead of chatting every day, meetings were designed for focusing on a single subject, and they were more productive.These online meetings introduced ways to be more attentive at work without having to get distracted by bundles of chatting sessions.

Companies that are planning for the return of employees should focus on following a similar tactic.

Enhanced Recruitment of Talent

Firms that are eager to create a stable culture that is effective for collaboration in an on-site and virtual environment need to have a significant edge for retaining and recruiting future talent.

Recruiting talent from anywhere has become possible, thanks to the quick and effective transition to the virtual world.Even if the professionals decide to return to the office they can still connect and grab the talent out through effective online sessions.

Successful integration of live work and a virtual environment can offer unique space to the talented people out there who do not want the burden of working in the office every day and also are diligent with online communications.

Start Planning

By the collaboration of virtual environment with live office work, there is a tressure of possibilities coming your way. All you need to do is plan accordingly and beforehand.


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