Plastic surgery is quite common, but still, not many people have heard a lot about labiaplasty. Getting a labiaplasty is a go-to option for many women around the world. Let’s get into the details to understand what labiaplasty is and how it works.

What Is Labiaplasty?

In order to reduce the size of labia minora, a procedure is done, which is known as labiaplasty. This surgery also helps in the situation where one labia is larger than the other one. Many women experience pain or ulceration because of the increased size of labia, and sometimes the only option is a labiaplasty.

It is performed either under general anesthetic or local anesthetic, and the labia are reduced and then stitched. Generally, the healing time is around a week. Some of the techniques or methods used in labiaplasty include trim procedure and wedge procedure.

What Are The Benefits Of Labiaplasty?

●                    During labiaplasty, the low-hanging and uneven tissues of the inner vaginal lips are reduced, making the tissues’ textures much smoother. This helps the vagina retain a neater look.

●                    Some women may have oversized labia. This can be uncomfortable when wearing specific clothing. This helps in having healthier and more comfortable vaginal lips.

●                    After multiple childbirths, the vaginal tissues may become loose and stretched. These elongated tissues can be uncomfortable, and labiaplasty helps them become more in place.

●                    Labiaplasty is also helpful for lifeguards who have to wear tight-fitting clothes.

●                    Elongated vaginal muscles may also result in reduced sexual pleasure because lesser vaginal tissues are exposed; hence fewer nerve cells are stimulated. When performed with clitoral hood reduction, the labiaplasty can help in having increased sexual pleasure.


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