Why You Need the Flex T7 Bluetooth Earbuds


Gone are the days when you have to untangle your headphone cord that somehow got so twisted from being in your pocket for just an hour. Bluetooth earbuds are the new normal as they bring comfort and ease to music listeners across the globe. You don’t have to worry about accidentally yanking the headphones from your ears or pulling your phone off the table.

Bluetooth headphones give you so much freedom and simplicity- but with so many brands out there, how do you know the right one to choose? The answer is easy, and it’s the Flex T7 Bluetooth Earbuds. Here’s why they’re top of the market and the best option for quality and affordability. 

Wear Multiple Ways

If you’re an athlete and use best bluetooth earbuds under 50 to run in or workout, you probably struggle to keep earbuds in your ear. Whether you’re on the treadmill, powerlifting, or doing a high-intensity workout, you don’t want anything holding you back and disrupting your performance. Flex T7 will always stay in your ear because of the two ways it can be worn: with the ear hook or without.

When you’re doing something at a low intensity like running errands or cleaning the house, you can take off the ear hook. But when you’re doing something that requires an extra level of security, you can use the hook.


After wearing normal earbuds for only an hour, you might experience ear pain from the hard plastic. This will make you want to take them out and then it’s even more painful to put them back in. The Flex T7 has a smooth silicone padding and ergonomic design that ensures they will stay in your ear without causing any pain or discomfort.

Great Price

Name brand earbuds like Apple Airpods are overpriced. Paying over $100 for bluetooth earbuds is not necessary to get good quality. The Flex T7 comes in at only $29.95 and provides quality and durability.


The earbuds charge quickly and you can listen to music up to 12 hours off of one charge. Simply put them back into the case for an hour to fully charge. The case will charge your earbuds up to four times before needing to recharge that. This makes them extremely convenient for travel.

Connecting things to bluetooth can sometimes be a hassle- but not with these earbuds. They’re easy to pair with your phone, so you can quickly connect and go. They also have built-in controls so you can change songs, turn up the volume, or answer calls directly from your earbuds without having to touch your phone.

The quality of the sound will blow you away, like you’re listening to your favorite artists serenade you in person. They also come in four great colors to match your vibe: lime green, vibrant blue, red, and black. 

Stop worrying about the hassle of cords and discomfort. Talk and listen to your favorite music on the go without spending too much money. Get ready for convenience, quality and durability with Flex T7 Bluetooth Earbuds! 


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